What is Christmas in Action?

Christmas in Action is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that has successfully implemented the "tried and true" idea of neighbor helping neighbor by partnering with the community to repair the homes of both low-income seniors and those who are disabled. In addition to home repair projects we also do "Rake-N-Runs" for seniors, which involves cleaning up yards as well as landscaping.

Who exactly do you help? Do I qualify?

We primarily focus on eligible seniors in northern Oakland County. Clients must be at least 62 years old, own their home, be current on their property taxes, have homeowner's insurance, and income that does not exceed 150% of the Federal Poverty level. Our services are also potentially available to disabled homeowners.

What is your area of coverage?

Our area of coverage includes Oakland, Orion, Oxford, and Addison Townships. However, it is possible for us to provide our services to homes slightly outside these parameters in some cases.

When do these projects happen?

Our annual work day is ALWAYS the last Saturday in April, rain or shine (but hopefully shine).

Where do your Work Day volunteers come from?

Most of our volunteers come from various churches around Oakland County. We tend to average between 125 and 150 volunteers every Work Day.

When did your group start operation?

Christmas in Action of Midland, Texas was founded in 1972. The current structure of Christmas in Action: Oakland County, Inc. was formed in the Summer of 2011 and our first work day was the last Saturday in April of 2012.

What kind of impact do you have on the community?

The services we provide are free to eligible seniors and would most likely not be affordable to the homeowner if Christmas in Action were not in operation. We also provide 150 volunteer opportunities for members of local churches and students from nearby High Schools. Additionally, over 20 local businesses provide annual support to both our volunteers and projects on Work Days. This support comes in various forms, including but not limited to: newspaper and television coverage, providing dumpsters, portable toilets, food & beverages, gift cards, T-shirt purchases, and cash donations.

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A Message to our Supporters

Our services are free because local businesses and individuals provide annual support to our volunteers and work day activities. Thank you to all those who makes this possible!